Cheat Sheet for Weight Loss Success: Nutrition

Often times people will ask me a question like "I work super hard in the gym how come I'm not losing weight," or "I do cardio 5-6 times per week but I'm still not seeing results, how come?" In short, its usually because these individuals don't have all the pieces to the puzzle, just one or two. I tell all my clients you need to have all three pieces at all times including a 4th* which acts as fuel and glue to keep the rest together and moving forward   1) Nutrition 2)Strength Training 3)Cardio Training 4)*Mental Game  

This article is one of four, highlighting a few general tips for the first puzzle piece: 


The following are general reccommendations. Calorie intake, nutrient proportions etc will vary based on the individual and your health status. before considering any change in diet consult your doctor. For more specific reccomendations to your body and situation, enlist the help of a personal trainer like myself to help tailor a program to your individual needs
- Keep Track! Most of my new clients are completely unaware of how many calories they take in, even those who tell me they eat well. Tracking the calories and nutrients you take in is the first step to managing your nutrition. It doesnt need to be something you do forever, just long enough to change your eating habits and understanding the foods you take in. Logging your food may sound daunting and time-consuming but these days there are plenty of internet sites and mobil phone apps that make it easy and fast. is my favorite; the biggest food database I have ever seen, easy tracking of fat, protein,carbs fiber without having to count anything yourself, graphs and reports to visually see your diet and a free mobil app that makes it easy to log anywhere and scan barcodes of foods you eat to easily add its info to your food diary.
- Try not to exceed 40g of fat per day. 40g is a healthy amount for what your body needs while keeping excess calories to a minimum. Fat is necessary for your body's natural functions. Keep your fat sources to unsaturated, naturally occuring healthy fats such as olive oil, nuts, fish and grains.
- The amount of protein you take in should be double your fat intake at a minimum. So if you take in 40 g of fat you need to have at least 80 g of protein.
- Protein will increase your metabolism so I recommend a minimum of 100 g per day. Its easier than it sounds. Your average breast of chicken is about 40-50 gm of of milk is 10, a slice of whole wheat bread about 5. Protein shakes are a great way to get a lot of protein for little calories and fat.
- Eat 5-6 times per day. This will speed up your metabolism and keep it up throughout the day as well as help you to eat less.
- Have protein and fiber with every meal...and snacks too if you can manage it.
- Eat a balanced meal....meaning a small amount of fat, some carbs and a lot of protein. Balanced meals digest slower, and make your body work harder to do it so this means more calories burned and higher metabolism.
- Fiber and lean protein before fatty foods or cheat meals/foods will help reduce the "badness". If you "have" to eat this trick! Protein shakes or leafy salads or foods like apples or celery will help pass carbs and fat from your system.
- Eat for your needs! This is a biggie. Would you expect a race car to use the same type of fuel you would put in a Honda civic, or vice versa? So why would you eat the same type of foods on days you are active and the days when you are not. Analyze your day ahead, ask yourself "will I be working out soon?" If so then quicker carbs are your best choice! "Am I gonna run a long distance?" Slower carbs and fats are more necessary to sustain calorie release over long periods of time. "Or am I just sitting down all day?" Less calories, slower carbs and less fat is the correct recipe. Again, eat for what you are going to demand of your body, and nothing more.
    Following these simple guidelines WILL boost your metabolism, keep your diet balanced and lean; when combined with a fitness program you will begin dropping pounds and getting a firmer, stronger and more defined body in no time.     Train Hard, Live Well! Filipe P.S. If you have been thinking about getting in shape or dropping those few extra pounds and dont know where to start then contact me by email or by phone 714.458.8642 to schedule your FREE consultation. Consultations include body composition analysis, fitness assessments and goal setting in addition to giving you strategies on how to obtain those goals as well as prescribing you a fitness program that will get YOU results as quickly and safely as possible!