10 Gimmick free ideas to burn more calories

“I just don’t feel like working out,” “I hate running,” “it’s too hot (or cold) to exercise”; these are among a few of many excuses people utilize to sabotage their weight-loss efforts. And in today’s “Now” culture in which tech and science bring us the ability to do things faster and easier it’s no surprise that everyone looks for the magic pill to just make the pounds drop without changing the food we eat or lifting a thumb! Simply turn on the television or go to the weight-loss section of the health care aisles of most grocery/department stores and you will find a whole range of products “guaranteed” to get you to lose 5lbs by simply taking a pill, adding something to your food or using ridiculous contraptions that ensure 6-pack abs with 10 min a day on a rocking chair for abs or electrifying your muscles while watching television. GET REAL The human body was designed to move and be active on a daily basis. From our hunter-gatherer days till recently, our survival depended on it. You couldn’t get food by leaving your cave, walking a few hundred feet away to a hole in a tree and magically get a hot meal that had enough calories to sustain you for 2-3 days. You walked, you ran, you carried tools everywhere you went, or you farmed all day raising animals and plowing the land burning so many calories you didn’t have much chance to become overweight in the first place. And now in the age where people drive cars to places that are only a couple blocks away, food can be delivered to your doorstep, and the greater part of the day is spent making a living, which in most professions requires a tiny fraction of the activity our bodies were not only designed to do but depend on. The fact though is this is the new way of living, and it’s all but impossible to abandon so what do we do? Here is a list of 10 ways in which you can make your life active again, satisfy your body’s needs, get healthier and lose weight. Yes you will have to make an effort, but these are 15 options that are proven to work and are 100% GIMICK FREE:   1)      Adjust your commute: Choose to walk, run, skate or even bike to work and nearby places. If the destination is within 5-10 miles of you this shouldn’t be a problem…just make sure you get to work a little early to clean up for work or your co-workers might not appreciate your newfound fitness and health ha ha. 2)      Man’s Best Friend: Dog’s all need exercise and so do you; combine both your needs to easily add an hour or two of activity to your daily life by going for walks and/or runs. This is my personal favorite because I love dogs and they are their happiest and closest to you when you bond through exploring and exercising together. It’s as easy as 2 or three 30 min walks/runs spread out throughout the day.   3)      Bond with friends: Instead of meeting friends at the local eatery or pub to talk and catch up, consider meeting at the park, walking on the beach or a hike at local trails all offer a venue to chat while checking out new places, burning calories and not eating more. 4)      Odd jobs: Washing your car, mowing your lawn, household chores, rotating your car tires are all jobs most people pay someone to do, why not do them yourself and reap the benefits of burning calories and saving money. 5)      Combine activities: If you are going to read, watch a movie at home or something similar then hop on a treadmill, exercise bike, elliptical, rower etc. while you do it. Take extra care especially on a treadmill or elliptical as it is easy to lose focus and get injured. This is only true if your primary activity is a passive one like reading or watching TV, not if your primary activity is exercising. This brings me to number 6. 6)      Stop multi-tasking: It may seem like this contradicts what I just said but it doesn’t, read carefully. If your primary activity is exercise like treadmill, elliptical or bike work then don’t combine it with reading, studying or TV. It only reduces your intensity and in turn, how many calories you burn.  Don’t believe me just look at anyone at the gym on a treadmill who is reading or studying…do they look like they are giving 100%, probably not. 7)      Forget the nearest spots: If you are driving to a destination, park a block away and walk the rest of the way or pick the furthest parking spot you can. 8)      Pile it on: Wear ankle weights to make your daily activities burn more calories and tone your legs at the same time. You can also wear a backpack to add weight to your walks or a hike. 9)      Play: Organize some friends together to meet up once a week to play a sport of some kind or join an adult league. This makes being active fun and again, a way to bond with your friends in another way other than eating or drinking. 10)   Make time: This one is obvious, make time each day or as frequently as you can to get some sort of physical activity in. If you don’t or cant lead an active life than the gym is a good way to supplement. It’s not everyone’s first choice but in the absence of any other way to become active, it is a convenient option.