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You want to lose weight. You want to get toned. Perhaps you want to get stronger or improve your game. Maybe you want a killer beach body or simply looking to get healthy. Whatever your reason for searching for a personal trainer you will find a personalized solution at Rise Fitness Inc. You have already taken the first step toward a better you by deciding to make a commitment to your health and fitness and searching for a fitness trainer who can get you the results you are looking for. Just look at the awesome results our clients have achieved here or check out the rave reviews we have received on Yelp. The truth is, we are the premium choice for all of Orange County when it comes to shedding pounds, losing inches, getting a toned and sexy body as well as increasing performance in sports and fitness events such as basketball, baseball, softball, martial arts, marathons and many others.
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Rise Fitness pride’s itself on a totalistic and individualized approach to personal training that delivers pure results, whatever your fitness/health goals may be. Our programs are not your typical big-box gym training program where you train for an hour with a trainer then you are on your own. Instead, Rise Fitness delivers a premium fitness experience with what we call our concierge fitness programs... programs designed by trainers who are there with you every step of the way, whether you are at the gym or not, to answer your questions, offer nutritional/exercise advice and guidance and motivate and push you to the next level. What this means for you:
  • Your trainer will take into account not only your physical capabilities but also your lifestyle, diet, recreational activities, likes/dislikes all in an effort to tailor a program that will deliver you the best fat-loss, body toning, strength increasing results possible.
  • Our programs are unique to each client; there are no generic routines handed out here. Each program is custom tailored to the individual’s capabilities, goals, time constraints, enjoyment etc and accessible to you via the web and/or smartphone for when you are at work, on the go or even on vacation across the world to give you results even when you are away from the gym and your trainer.
  • Our programs are ever changing. Programs are constantly being modified and adapted to account for a client’s progress, health, and abilities to prevent any plateaus that might impede further progress. This is one of the secrets to all of our clients' successes

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