Our clients Rise Above the Rest and here are just some of their success stories with Rise Fitness:

- Filipe is a great trainer that would get you in shape in no time. He is an easy person to get along with and he makes you feel comfortable in each session. Filipe makes all of his work-outs fun and challenging. He would help you with your weight loss and also guide you with a nutrition plan that would work for you. I liked working with Filipe because he makes himself available 24 hours a day where you can contact him with any questions or concerns you may have. My experience with Filipe was awesome from day one till we were done with the program. When I started my sessions with him I told him exactly what I wanted, I wanted him to help me get back in shape by working every single part of my body, but mainly on my abs and legs and that’s exactly what I got and I am beyond satisfied with the results I got. I lost 20lbs in the first 6 weeks. He definitely kicked my butt in every session which I personally like cause he made me challenge by body to do things it wasn’t used to. In each session that he would see me struggle, he would always have something to say; when I felt like quitting he would push me and motivate me to not give up on myself “You only have five more to go, push yourself you can do it don’t quit now ” that’s something he would tell me and made me push myself even harder to prove to myself that I could do it. Thanks to Filipe now I feel more comfortable with myself and I am not self-conscious on the way I look. At the end of the program I felt like i could take on the whole world, my whole body was transformed and built the way I wanted.

I decided to do something for myself and take back my life. So I signed up for the gym and got a personal trainer. I was not sure what was ahead but I was willing to try this new adventure. This journey has been a long, well needed life change for me. Meeting Filipe was the first step in reclaiming a healthier life style. Filipe’s approach is about making this a life changing experience not just a diet or work out. He has pushed and supported me through my highs and lows. He is willing to listen and work with me.  But he still kicks my butt and I complain a lot but he’s supportive. I am still on this journey but I have accomplished so much more than I had ever expected. I am more confident and enjoy sharing all the knowledge that I have learned so far in this experience.  I’ve nw lost over 50 pounds!!!

 Filipe has been the most incredible trainer for me.  Helping me stay motivated through my journey.  With his help I have managed to loose over 70lbs and Counting!  We have 15lbs to go and I know we'll make it.  If you need to loose the weight or just feel better then Filipe is the trainer to help you reach your goals.  His personal, caring approach will motivate and inspire you.  This was by far one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Do yourself a favor and take the first step to a new life and choose Rise fitness.

As a physician I tell people daily that they need to lose weight, eat healthier, and exercise more. And every day I felt like a hypocrite. I knew I was overweight and unhappy but I was ignoring my own advice and wasn’t doing anything about my own unhealthiness. Finally I decided to take action and implement all of the things into to my life that I was telling my patients to do. I joined the gym and through one of my work friends I met Felipe.   Felipe has been fantastic on my weight loss journey and has given me the motivation and support I needed to be successful. He always seems to have new tricks up his sleeve to keep things interesting during every workout and was continuously pushing me to do my best. In addition to his fantastic workouts, he was also great with accommodating my ever-changing work schedule. I don’t think I would have been as successful as I have been without his help, motivation, friendship, and guidance.  Since I started training with Felipe I have lost 27.5 pounds and numerous inches from all parts of my body. Now I frequently get compliments on my new slimmer self and have regained the confidence that I had lost when I was at my heaviest. I am so proud of myself and all that I have accomplished during my time training with Felipe. I love the way I both look and feel and would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs that extra push to reach any of their fitness and health goals.

- In an attempt to obtain a visible six pack within a 3-1/2 month time frame, I hired Felipe to be my personal trainer. During my training, he has proven to be an incredibly dedicated and knowledgeable individual. He devised a custom workout plan to fit my goals and clearly communicates this plan so that I am always involved in how the exercises are related to my progress. Perhaps the most helpful aspect to Felipe’s training style is his ability to teach his clients the basics about muscles and nutrition and give them a basic understanding on how the body works. This basic foundation has benefited me greatly by allowing me to execute our fitness plan more efficiently, especially on days that we do not meet. This is much better than the “just do what I tell you to do” mentality that some trainers carry. Another aspect that sets Felipe apart from other trainers is his honest nature. He genuinely cares for his clients which makes it easy to trust him when he recommends supplements or other products to assist in my goals. Felipe is a very patient trainer, but also motivates me to push myself to my fullest potential. He manages to get those last couple reps out of me on the days that I really need the extra push. His enthusiasm regarding my progress makes the process more enjoyable and personable. In addition, Felipe’s flexibility in accommodating my schedule and making the drive out to me has made things very convenient. If I have a question about anything, he always responds to my texts quickly and thoroughly. This has been a huge plus because if scheduling was difficult, I might have been forced to skip sessions and it could have hindered my progress. I have shown great results thus far and I am excited to continue with my training! Overall, I have been very satisfied with Felipe as my trainer and I would definitely recommend him to my friends.  

LOVE HIM!!! =) So I meet Filipe through my friends. My friend had been working out with him for a few months and had dramatic results and kept encouraging me to use him as a trainer. My other friend had already started working with him and looked noticeable more fit. I kept thinking I could do it on my own. But after a few months with no real results, I decided to give him a call. Although I hate it during the workout, I always feel really good afterwards and accomplished. I've been working with him about 2 1/2 months and have seen great results. I am much stronger than when I started. I've lost about 10lbs and feel great about the way I look. The only downside is that now I am going to have to buy new jeans =) This is the smallest and most fit I have ever been in the last 10 years. Filipe is GREAT. He is super nice and accommodating; works with your schedule even if you have lots of changes =) He is friendly and doesn't yell at you but definitely pushes you. I definitely recommend him to anyone who is interested in losing weight, getting more fit or just wants to have a little more structure in their workout routine. Oh and another plus, he works independently at a private gym and as long as you train with him you are allowed to use the facilities for free. So no additionaly gym fee if you already have membership at another gym or you have access to a gym. I just pay for a trainer and the other days workout at they gym in my apartment complex =)


The past year was a big transition for me; moving across country from the east coast to California to start my residency program, working 80+ hour a week, spending many nights eating greasy hospital food, and going out to eat 3-4 times a week with friends. I was at my heaviest. I felt tired, lazy and didn't like what I saw. I decided that I needed to start going to the gym and eating healthier. I initially lost a few pounds by myself but knew that I would need more help to fit into my old clothes and feel better about myself. I recieved a free training session, that is how I met Filipe. After my first session with him, I realized that I actually could reach my goal of losing the weight I had been carrying. I weighed 144lbs and had 34.3% body fat.Working with Filipe gave me the motivation I needed to work harder with each session. He continued to motivate me with fun but difficult exercises to keep me interested. Each session was different from the last, which I looked forward to each week. Instead of dreading the gym, working with him gave me the push I needed to enjoy working out and getting fit. I now weigh 128.5lbs and 28.2 % body fat. I have received many compliments from family & friends on how I look and they continue to ask me how I lost the weight. The secret to my success is my trainer Filipe, who has always been a great motivator and friend during this process. The best part of this is not the number on the scale, but how I feel about myself. I feel that I am in the best shape of my life now and it's all thanks to Filipe's help.

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