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Filipe Vosough C. P. T Trainer and Owner of Rise Fitness

IMG_5349Filipe has led an active lifestyle for the majority of his life, experiencing fitness in a variety of forms ranging from sports such as hockey, basketball, volleyball and track to the military, serving in the United States Air Force. But his experience doesn't stop there; beyond being certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association he has also been involved in martial arts training, specifically in Aikido and weapons training, over the last 10 years and regularly pursues interests such as backpacking, camping, hiking and running events. His passion to teach and motivate others into an active and healthy lifestyle is what sets him apart from other trainers. Filipe's training approach is not just about working someone out and managing their nutrition but managing their lifestyle as well; suggesting creative strategies to everyone's individual obstacles, circumstances and time constraints to help them get lasting, quality results in the most enjoyable and convenient way possible. His belief is that fitness and health is as much a mental game as it is anything else, so he makes it a point to have clients focus on attaining the right mindset and attitude to achieve their goals. This cant be done in 2, 3 or even 4 one-hour sessions a week, so he makes it a point to communicate as much as possible in and out of the gym to ensure clients are held accountable, to praise them for their hard work and successes but also help them with any obstacles they are facing between sessions and keep them motivated. Filipe can sympathize with many of his clients as he was also very overweight and out of shape and let the stresses of life impact his health. By the time he graduated from Cal State Fullerton at the age of 26,  two years of taking 20 unit semesters and working full time made him a fatty 250lbs. At that point he had never stepped foot in a gym, hated running and couldn't run more than half a mile without stopping, do more than 10 -15 pushups and forget about sit-ups. He rarely took photos because his belly would show through his shirts and tried to hide it with baggy clothing. From a size 32 in pants he was then hitting 38. Hitting desperation and unhappiness, he forced himself to run, then slowly added strength exercises to the running. Next came a very gradual change of diet and later finally getting himself to the gym where he felt insecure and had no idea how to do anything. The constant hard work and process he put himself through helped him drop 45 pounds in 6 months. His own success, as is usually the case with most trainers, fueled him to see those around him achieve healthier, fitter bodies as well. "Life is full of obstacles and obligations; everyone has them. Don't make them excuses from attaining your goals, there is always a way around or through them if you want something bad enough. I'll provide you with the information, strategies, techniques and support; you provide the hard work and dedication and as a team we will get you to your goals, whatever they may be!" - Filipe V. Filipe Vosough is a NASM & NESTA certified personal trainer and is certified in CPR and First Aid. Concurrently, he is an assistant instructor for the childeren's program and adult program at Orange County Aikido

Jon Warren C.P.T, C.E.S


Michele Hiebert M.S., C.P.T.

Michele has always had a true passion for Health and Fitness. She raced sailboats competitively for most of her life and now enjoys sailing as a recreational sport. Being physically active as a child created a desire in her to pursue a career in the health and fitness industry. She was a sailing coach during college and in 1995 graduated with a Masters Degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Physiology. After graduate school Michele became a cardiac therapist to help patients who survived cardiac events. During this time she continued working in primary prevention through personal training. As a cardiac therapist, Michele worked extensively in educating patients regarding the role genetics plays in the progression of their heart disease and how important continuing a fitness plan is to their longevity. Michele spent the next decade working at Berkeley HeartLab, Inc., a company dedicated to an individualized approach to treating patient’s cardiovascular disease through advanced lipid testing. As an educator she partnered with the patients physicians to create a personalized plan to address their risk for heart disease and stroke. Throughout her work Michele has gained a deep understanding of the need for individualized fitness plans. She is a Cooper Institute Certified Personal Trainer. Michele dedicates herself to her personal training work and prides herself on how personalized her programs are. She listens to her client’s needs, goals and obstacles to getting fit and develops a plan tailored to their fitness goals. She understands no two clients are the same. For 20 years, Michele has helped individuals meet their health and fitness goals. She has the education, experience and passion to help you meet yours too.  

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