Rise Fitness prides itself on offering a multitude of training programs that are innovative, effective and individualized! From our comprehensive one-on-one training programs to semi-private sessions and even mobile fitness training,  our personal training services are designed to make losing weight, toning, strengthening and achieving a healthier lifestyle more accessible and effective than ever! You will never again have a reason not to be a slimmer, stronger and better you!

You made the decision to create a leaner, stronger you; congratulations. Now take the next step and choose a program that best suits your needs.

Private Personal Training

Our one-on-one personal training programs are one of the best in Orange County and are one of our most popular programs for weight-loss, body transformations and strengthening! Unlike most personal training services out there, our expert trainers custom build your program around you, your lifestyle and physical capabilities. No cookie-cutter, dvd, pre-programmed, template workouts here and no fad/crash diets either. Our private personal training programs are like fingerprints, no two are alike! When you enroll in our one-on-one programs you are getting the most comprehensive weight-loss/fitness program out there including:
  • Custom workouts that adapt and change with your body and fitness level. Ensuring no plateaus and continued results!
  • Customized nutrition planning and coaching that is based in real science and not the latest magazine trend or crash diet. We aim to educate and teach you how to eat for your goals!
  • Accountability that is unparalleled. Our personal trainers utilize text messaging, emails and phone calls between your sessions to make sure you are on track even when you aren't at the gym or with them in person. We believe that training does not stop when you leave our studio and so neither do we!
  • 30 or 60 min sessions to choose from to better suit your schedule. Our online scheduling system makes it easy to schedule your sessions at the time of your choice and allows flexibility when things come up.
  • Access to the studio for solo workouts. Private personal training clients get access to the gym whenever its open without a membership. No need to have a membership at another gym either

Semi-Private Personal Training

Our semi-private training programs offer the best aspects of both group classes and one-on-one training. Combining the comraderie and community of a class with the effectiveness, attention and indvidualized programming of one-on-one sessions, our semi-private personal training is a popular option with those who need a more affordable option as well as those who have a foundation in fitness already. One of our expert personal trainers will create a personalized fitness/nutrition program unique to you for each month. Come to the studio at the pre-determined times for your group and check-in with your trainer at which time the trainer will get you started on the day's workout from your plan. The trainer spends one-on-one time with each individual in the group throughout the session, observing and correcting form as necessary as well as keeping you motivated and working hard. Its like a personal training time-share! This allows each client to get personal training 3-4 days a week without the high costs usually associated with the private personal training option and without the lack of personal attention and safety that people get from group classes and bootcamps!

Mobile/Online Personal Training

Online Personal Training is our newest offering at Rise Fitness and is the most accessible of all our training programs! Utilizing technology and a free app suitable for Iphones, Android phones and computers allows us to offer our expert training protocols to anyone anywhere! One of our personal trainers will tailor an individualized, monthly workout plan for you and make it instantly available on your mobile device. You will be able to view clips of your trainer demonstrating each exercise instantly, view your training schedule and check-in everytime you complete a strength or cardio workout to help keep you accountable as well as measuring your physical stats, keeping progress photos and communicate with your trainer. This is paired with online nutrition management, skype/telephone progress meetings and text/email check-ups. This option is perfect for those who are not within our geographical area and want access to our premium training or those who want expert guidance but may not be able to afford the cost of an in-person trainer or want to exercise alone. This program is suitable for all ages, fitness levels and health circumstances.

Trigger Point Therapy

Coming Soon!

Nutrition Coaching and Accountability

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